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Globalization is defined as the free movement of goods and services, as well as information and capital between countries. Companies that want to grow and open up to the global market need globalization services.



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Globalization in General Terms

Globalization is one of the main principles that cannot be ignored in the conditions of the 21st century. Many people are now familiar with the phenomenon and concept of globalization, which is reflected in every aspect of daily life, from trade to education. This fact should be taken into account by every institution and individual, including local businesses. One of the fields directly affected by globalization is translation studies.

Globalization and Translation Correlance

The main purpose of translation companies is to meet the language needs. In addition, companies aim to bring together potential customers who need translations and translators who can provide the translation instantly, to provide instant translation and to meet the language needs of the customer. Globalization service; It covers the process of adapting a local content to a foreign target audience, culture, language, industry or market. This adaptation process greatly improves the quality of goods and services.

Impact of Globalization

Translation companies have a wide range of work. These companies do business with all industries. During these processes, it is very important to adapt a local content to a foreign target audience, culture, language, sector or market, because it is not possible for the content that is not adapted to hold in the international arena. Adaptation of internationally adapted goods and services should also be done by professionals. These professionals must be experts in both language and media.

Globalization Services in General

Globalization services are generally classified under three headings: text replacement, text content editing and text transcreations. Companies that want to open up to the global market should take out their product promotions, advertisements, content and every item they sell/service, and make them ready for the global market. At this point, we are at your service with globalization services, which are of great importance. We provide globalization services to you with our most experienced translators and writers.

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