ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation Oriented Terminography

The International Standards provide guidelines to enable translators and translators to record, maintain and retrieve terminological information in connection with translation quickly and easily.


What are ISO Standards?

ISO is the abbreviation for international standards body. ISO standards, on the other hand, are called internationally valid rules determined by this institution. ISO documents are proof that a company has international standards in the relevant subject. In addition, these documents are issued by the ISO institution. Although ISO standards differ according to the type of document in question, the common feature of all standards, regardless of the field, is that they are international.

What is ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation Oriented Terminography Standard?

The quality of a translation can be measured partly in terms of linguistic elements such as style and grammar, and partly in terms of the correct use of the relevant terminology. The ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation Oriented Terminography standard fulfills this function. This standard provides essential elements for quality control of terminological information in translations. Guidelines can also be adapted to provide a basis for the management of source language texts, parallel texts, translations and other information (eg bibliographies, references) in the target language.

The Impact of ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation Oriented Terminography Standard

This International Standard was published in March 2002 and has 27 pages. Its purpose can be applied to the work of an individual translator as well as a team or a department, and also lays out the guidelines necessary for the exchange of terminological data. For this reason, this standard is very important in terms of translation. The importance of terminological accuracy and consistency in the translation process is obvious. Our company has adopted this by all of its team and provides terminologically correct and consistent translation services regardless of the field in our translation projects.

Our Company's Opinion on the ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation-Oriented Terminography Standard

The most important resource in companies providing translation services is defined as humans. The ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation-Oriented Terminography standard is a document that determines the skills and characteristics that not only those who will do the translation work, but also those who work as editors and supervisors. For this reason, our company manages the translation processes in line with this standard, and all translation processes within our company are carried out within the framework of this standard. You can contact our company for more information about the ISO 12616-1:2002 Translation Oriented Terminography standard.

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