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What is the Translation Agency?

Translation agencies offer translation services for various text types. These are usually ancillary documents and professional translations that cover a specific field such as law, medicine, technology, banking and finance, advertising and marketing or economics. To perform such services well, the agency must have a team of skilled and experienced translators. Agencies often employ freelancers or operate on an outsourcing basis. Translators must demonstrate not only excellent language skills, confirmed by diplomas, education and experience, but also knowledge of a particular subject area and accompanying contexts.

What is the Finding Nearest Translation Agency Service?

We are at your service with reliability, confidentiality, expertise and professionalism, respected customer portfolio and uninterrupted communication. On our translation offices page on our website, you can view the nearest translation office and reach translation offices. Our company, which provides translation services with confidence, has been among the leading translation companies in the sector for a long time, with its professional staff, timely and perfect delivery understanding.

What is the Scope of Translation Agencies?

Translation agencies do not only translate the text from the source language to the target language. The scope of a translation agency is generally as follows: certified translations, professional translations (related to areas of expertise), proofreading, transcripts; translation of websites, creation of databases (such as Translation Memory) and management of translation terminology. Translation offices offer translation services as well as text translations. Interpreters are often used in business meetings and negotiations. They must have a thorough knowledge of the language and context of the meeting, as well as an exceptional ability to concentrate.

The Impact of Working With the Right Translation Agency

It is highly wrong to work directly with a random translation agency and ask for your documents to be translated in a short time. First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of translation job to be given in this step. Thus, much higher quality works can be obtained. To explain this situation with an example; When a translation is needed in the field of technical translation, it would be wrong to assign the job to a translation agency working in the field of legal translation. Unfortunately, in such a situation, it is not possible to expect a successful translation to be delivered. Since the same situation is valid for other types of translation, it is important to have a translator working in that field in the office when the translation task is given.

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