Translation Agencies

There are more than 26,000 translation offices around the world. All offices in the sector have an annual turnover of 42 billion Euros (2019) and these companies are growing by 7.90% every year.



What is Translation?

The concept of translation refers to reproduce and/or explain the written or spoken text from one language to another. The purpose of translation is to convey a message from one language to another, taking into account the cultural and regional differences between the source and target languages. Humanity has used translation for centuries with the emergence of written literature. Translators today use complex tools and technologies to perform their work. However, for simplification and optimization purposes, it mainly relies on digital translation technologies.

Interpreting Services in Translation Agencies

There are two main types of translation in the world: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting consists of translating after the speaker has finished speaking. On the other hand, the simultaneous interpreter is in a soundproof booth and interprets parallel to the speaker. It is possible to find many translation offices in the market, from one-man agencies to large companies. That’s why you should choose a translation office that defines the field you want to have translations in.

How to Pick Up Right Translation Agency?

A good translation agency is first and foremost a team of experienced experts. A professional agency will only hire people who have expertise in a particular industry and understand its needs. Seamless communication is essential to properly fulfill a large, ongoing or single project. When choosing an agent, make sure that you can contact them whenever you need them. It’s also important to find a common language and feel that the agency is responsive to your expectations.

What to Do Before Picking Up a Translation Agency?

You can choose a good translation agency by finding the answers to the questions below.

  • Does the office have experience in the sector where you need translation?
  • Ask for a portfolio and experience in the required industry before contracting with the translation agency.
  • Is the translation agency a good brand you can trust, a native English translator or a certified translator with service experience?
  • Try to examine how well-trained and certified translators are, how much effort the organization puts into training employees, and the minimum requirements to work there.
  • Are previous customers of the office satisfied with the services?
  • Satisfied customers will always leave some positive reviews on the internet. Try to search for the company you have chosen on the platforms.

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